Visit the Table, Join the Conversation
I wanted to see if anyone would join me in exploring these topics, so I made the invitation.
Andrew Nemr
Yes, we can.

On January 21, 2017 we did the unthinkable. Eight strangers from across the political, religious, and socio-economic map came together for a conversation.

It was one of the most divisive times in America. The day after the inauguration of President Trump, and the evening of the first Women’s March. In the midst of all of that, in the back of a local chess shop, we pulled a few tables together, ordered pizza, sat, and talked.

We shared thoughts and concerns based on our individual experiences, we learned from one another, and made some discoveries.

Not once did a debate ensue. Not once did voices raise beyond that of a conversation among friends. Not once did we see each other as enemies.

We gather to see if we could have a conversation when the world said it was impossible. That night, we did.

On a Sunday afternoon in January of 2015 Andrew Nemr started a weekly ritual: A contemplative time of reflection. He'd settle into his local hang, order a hot apple cider, and take out his journal. He would spend hours there.

He wondered if anyone would join him. So, he snapped a photo, posted it to his instagram, asking anyone who wanted to come him at #TheTable. The Table became a space carved out for conversation of a particular kind.

Built on the principles of curiosity and generosity each Table begins with a host and an organizing topic. A small group of participants is gathered. The conversation is allowed to flow freely. Participants guide the conversation by asking questions (curiosity) and sharing their own experiences (generosity).

No assumptions are made and no topics are off the Table. The gatherings are part salon, discussion group, friendly hang out, and Jeffersonian dinner.

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